Taste of Sunday in Salsa

Salsa250This short selection from Salsa Dancing with Pterodactyl, Part I is for the Sunday Snippet Group on Facebook.  This selection from the novel happens on a Sunday. I’m only allowed 10 sentences so if you want to read more, I’ve put the scene on my Books page:

Miguel stared up at the priest who laid his hand on the blond curls and blessed the boy. Both the child and the priest had huge grins on their faces. Emily glanced back at David, with one of her warm, pretty smiles but his head was bowed and the tips of his fingers were pressed to his lips.
“Welcome to our church, Emily,” the priest murmured.
“Thank you, um, Father—.”
“Doug,” the priest said, looking down at her from the altar platform….

Miguel pulled her back to their row, still wiggling to the music. She sat by David with the baby on her lap, watching the conclusion of the Mass. David laid his hand on the side of her head, pulling her toward him to kiss her temple. When she looked up, his eyes were shining. …

“The priest knew my name.”

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    1. Thank you, Sarah. This is one of my favorite moments in the novel. Emily and David’s relationship is growing but they have a road of pot holes ahead. I appreciate your thoughts!

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