Dancing by Moonlight

image of pomegranate seedling

As early as my fourteenth year, I told my classmates that I would live in Europe. The opportunity to travel to Europe did not arise until I had completed my post-graduate education in Creative Writing and travelled on a chartered tourist flight to London.

I didn’t necessarily fall in love with someone from another country but I did fall in love with the country—a small nation to the west of England, sharing a border and a history with the once dominant international power.

While I lived in Wales, I began a novel (among several) with the theme of falling in love with someone from another country or falling in love while living in another country. The first of these works-in-progress, This Can’t Be Love,  published in 2015, has remained the only one to see the light of digital and/or print publication.

This Can’t Be Love isn’t set in my beloved small nation but in another conquered nation far to the north. Before This Can’t Be Love, my novel, Wait a Lonely Lifetime, was acquired by Avalon Books in New York, which was bought by Montlake (Amazon) only six months later in October 2012.  Two years after, I published Salsa Dancing with Pterodactyls, which is a big city, office romance.

Every book begins as a seed in the author’s thoughts. Once the seed sprouts, becomes a seedling in a notebook, the only impediment is procrastination. Pile of Leigh's notebooks

Dance by  the Light of the Moon has been a work-in-progress manuscript through all of the above. Also a big city, office romance with the added dimension of being set in my beloved second country as well as states, cities and, at the time I wrote the first draft, a state through which I had only riden across the southern border, a few months after I declared I would live in Europe.

Since the publication of Wait a Lonely Lifetime, all of my novels have been published by my independent publishing entity, Eres Books. Also on the “in-progress” list is the sequel to Pavane for Miss Marcher, That Kentucky Boy, although also an In Maine novel, is set in Wyoming. Nights Before: The Novelsix digital novellas that comprise the print edition—is also an “In Maine” novel.

As an independent publisher, as the links above show, a writer now has the freedom to publish on a wide spectrum and variety of online retailers and more are appearing. Including the opportunity of independent publishers and authors to promote and offer their publications on their own sites with applications that make downloads easy, authors and indie publishers can now be paid through various applications that handle direct deposits to our bank accounts.

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