Current Reads – April

The Long Good-Bye – Raymond Chandler. This is my introduction to Chandler’s novels and I’m hooked. I love it that I knew who the killer was before Philip Marlowe revealed the truth and why Terry Lennox did the noble thing. I’ve never been a fan of crime fiction, not since I read a P D James novel that so thoroughly degraded women I felt sick but Chandler and Evanovich are rocking my boat.  

Visions of Sugar Plums – Janet Evanovich. I started reading Evanovich with Plum Spooky but wasn’t able to get into the story and characters – an acquired taste – but I enjoyed this book as an introduction. I’ve now got my hands on Plum Spooky again as well as One for the Dough. I know I read Visions out of season, but a good Christmas tale is right any time of year.

Rafe’s Redemption – Jennifer Jakes. I’ve been waiting for this book since I met Jennifer through an RWA chapter. This book is hotter than blazes! Rafe’s Redemption was a finalist in the RWA Golden Heart Contest in 2010 and acquired by The Wild Rose Press for their Wilder imprint later that year. I bought the ebook format and am getting along with that just fine. I still prefer a book to hold but may, eventually, invest in an e-reader of some sort.

The Scarlet Pimpernel – Baroness Orczy. The was one of the first historical romances I ever read and I found it – in ebook format on Girl Ebooks – along with the prequels and sequels of this delightful novel. I decided to look for it again when I came across a book club copy of The Spanish Pimpernel by C E Lucas Phillips – “a chronicle of the exploits of Captain E C Lance, DSO, during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39”, printed in 1961. Hmmmm, I wonder if C E Lance and C E Lucas Phillips are one in the same…

And soon to be released: Yvette’s Haven – Tina Folsom. Hooray! The 4th book in the Scanguards Vampires series. I’ve read the first three: Samson and Delilah, Amaury’s Hellion and Gabriel’s Mate. All of which mean I’m looking forward to Yvette’s Haven. Now then, which of the other Scanguard hero-vampires are going to get a book of their own, Tina?

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  1. Never read Chandler, but have enjoyed the movies.
    Never read Orczy, but enjoyed the movie versions of Scarlett Pimpernel.
    And — this one may surprise you — never read Stephanie Plum … even though I’ve heard Denise cackling in another room while doing so. [I did read a book by Evanovich called “How I write”]

  2. @Jeff, I’ve never read Chandler either – not until now. I went to the library to delve a little in crime fiction because of a discussion on LinkedIn with two writers who were flashing detective fiction authors’ names about. I started with Elmore Leonard and couldn’t get anywhere with him. Same result with James Patterson. I had given DR a copy of The Big Sleep because he reads Agatha Christie and we’d just seen Humprhey Bogart in the movie. He didn’t like it that much. So… (long story, I know!) I thought I’d give Ray a go. Charmed and delighted with every word. He wrote the big picture, threw in his own opinions, intruded all over the place and owned every word. Love it.

    Janet Evanovich is funny. Witty and down-to-earth though she has a few super-naturals coming and going.

    I had no idea that Orczy wrote more than one book about the Scarlet Pimpernel. So now I can reread a teenage favorite and discover more as well.

  3. Assume nothing! Although I am somewhat chagrined by the closing chapters of The Long Good-Bye (Raymond Chandler) and nonplussed by my assumptions for Terry’s noble action, I still hold this book in esteem for Chandler’s fearless commentary on his society.

    This is big points on the leader board for the Intrusive Writer.

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for the mention:) You truly were patient while waiting for the release date! LOL
    I hope we’ll be at the same conference soon.
    Best –

  5. Hi, Jennifer. You’re welcome. I’m enjoying the book so much. I’m sure we’ll get to touch base in the near future. Maybe my book will be released by then!