In Mourning

My heart is breaking for the American people of whom I am proud to be one.

As our President and Foreign Secretary have stated, the United States of America stands for freedom.

Those who are guilty of this shameful, horrific act know who they are and why they did it. The guilt lies at the feet of anyone who acts against the fundamental principles of this nation, freedom from religious persecution being one that has brought so many of us to these shores.

The denigration of any religion is an act of cowardly, unconstitutional hatred.

But using that stupidity as an excuse for murder is and will always be an act of unspeakable horror, contrary to the laws of all humanity.

I condemn those who lifted their weapons to kill my fellow Americans and I condemn those who have and will continue to bait others into doing so.

May God be with all those who suffer on this day.

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  1. Postcolonial governments have often seemed condemned to repeat the sins of the imperialists they replaced, a sad irony that has been especially pronounced in the Middle East. The British in 1920, for instance, pioneered the use of poison gas against civilians in order to subdue a tribal revolt in Iraq. The last known deployment of chemical weapons for mass murder was again in Iraq, in 1988, when Saddam Hussein gassed his fellow citizens during the notorious Anfal campaign against the Kurds.