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Salsa250The following is a scene from Salsa Dancing with Pterodactyls (on the iBookstore) and is one of my favorites:

Her boss gripped the steering wheel as hard as his jaw was clenched. “From now, Burdis, this moment, our professional relationship is that. Exactly that.”
“I never thought it was anything else,” she murmured.
“Really? What in hell do you think I’ve been telling you all these weeks?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“My mistake,” he said, opening his door. There was a lull in the rain. With one hand, he slammed the door and stood facing the bridge.
Emily took her appointment diary from her shoulder bag. On that Tuesday, in mid-August, the day before her thirty-fifth birthday, she wrote “Rain. Tx MT.” Pressing the pencil against her lip, she watched the metallic champagne car park in front of David Gitano and the wonderful Dane join him on the pavement. They spoke for a moment and Gitano came to her side of the car. Dane took her briefcase from backseat.
“He’ll get you to work by 8:30, Kitten,” David said, holding her by the elbows. “I’ll give you forty-five minutes. Be in my office by 9:15. You do not want to force me to come looking for you.” He lifted his eyes from her face, stared over her head. “I made a mistake last night. I apologize.” He peered into her eyes. “The people who are privileged to know anything about my private life are limited, Burdis. I trust you to keep it that way.”
She preferred Kitten. “I have no wish for anyone to know anything about last night, Mr. Gitano,” she said. He stared at her for so long that she blushed and had to look away.
“Don’t worry, Miss Burdis, I have no wish to tarnish my reputation either, so yours will be safe. Bold cuts no ice with you,” he murmured. “I have a lot of research ahead of me.”
“May I go?”
“If you intend to take me before a tribunal, I’d appreciate a heads up, Burdis. My office. 9:15. Clear?”
“Clear, Mr. Gitano.”
“Dane, take this lady – mi mujer bonita linda – to work. And be careful. More than one man’s future depends on her.”
For a fraction of a second, Emily believed he wanted to kiss her again. Her instincts made her resistant and he loosened his grip on her arms. Turning toward Dane, she smiled. His instant grin gave her courage and she said, “I’ll see you at 9:15, David.” On her boss’s face, the impact of the simplest liberty she had taken was plain. When she slid into the front seat, she gave him one of her rare, warm smiles as she was driven away. Without looking back, she sensed David watched the chauffeur-driven car until it disappeared. David….

Salsa Dancing with Pterodactyls is also available at Barnes and Noble and AllRomanceEbooks.

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  1. Looks like she missed a memo somewhere—and maybe so did he? 🙂

    Miscommunications are so much fun—and this is a neat example!