My USAToday Interview

Cover Artwork for Wait a Lonely LifetimeJoyce Lamb, of True Vision fame and a RITA finalist, is interviewing me on her USAToday HEA blog tomorrow, May 24 2012. Stop by, leave a comment, ask a question.

We will be talking about Wait a Lonely Lifetime and a few other novels I’m working on.

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  1. Hi Leigh, would love to read your book Wait a Lonely Lifetime. But will it be available as an e-book for Kindle from Amazon?

    1. Thanks you for saying so, Jill. Avalon Books has been negotiating to develop an e-book line so there is a chance this will happen soon. All Avalon Books are distributed to libraries, so you can borrow one – if not from your own library, from inter-library loans. Thank you for your interest in Wait a Lonely Lifetime – I’m proud of it, not only for content but the beautiful cover and the quality of the book itself. When you do have a chance to read a copy, let me know. –Leigh