New Books for the Festive Season #1

Thank you for responding to my call for your books! Here are the first titles for your consideration:

Sandra Carey Cody
#4 in series, but it’s a prequel so a good idea to read first
mystery, heat level – G (it is, after all, an Avalon book)
Avalon Books
$23.95 (hard cover)
Buy link (on Amazon):
Description:Why would someone steal Jennie Connors’s car, hide a body in it, then leave a message telling her how to find it? Instinct tells Jennie that a direct threat to her family is behind the sinister events and she can’t wait around for the police to find the answer.
Fran Fisher, aka Fran McNabb
Contemporary Romance (soft romance)
$ 2.99 (ebook)
Available on Amazon, B&N and on most digital outlets
Jounalist, photographer and single mother, Angie Lathen prides herself on being objective and fair, but when she comes face to face with her new assignment, Coach Garrett Fuller, she finds it isn’t easy to forget the past and see beyond preconceived notions. In PLAYING WITH FEELING, these two professionals find that even when the playing field is rocky, love can find a way to grow.

Sheila Claydon
Contemporary Romance (sweet romance) publication date Dec 9, 2011.
Avalon (my first book by Avalon)
$14.08 (hard cover)
Interior Designer Alex is emotionally bruised. So is Matt, the owner of the hotel she is working on in Tenerife. Throw untrustworthy Francesco into the mix and things start to go wrong. Can Matt and Alex ignore their feelings as they try to finish the hotel in time for Christmas?

Jane Myers Perrine
First in series,
Romance, sweet/low
FaithWords APRIL, 2012
A young, inexperienced minister is called to a small church in the beautiful hill country of Texas because he is the best they could afford. Once there, he falls in love with Butternut Creek. However, there is one catch: Miss Birdie, a pillar of the church, who decides it is her duty to whip him into shape and get him married. This book about small town Texas is filled with humor and warmth.

Thank you for joining this effort. See my post, Festive Support, for information on how to submit your book to this list.

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