New Release: January 29, 2015


I am proud to announce the publication of my fourth novel, This Can’t Be Love, set in Edinburgh during the summer Fringe Festival.

What happens in Edinburgh, stays in Edinburgh — if Mike Argent has anything to say about it.

Not every woman drops into Mike Argent’s life the way Jakki Hunter has, at his feet straight from the passenger side of a roadster.

Every guy Jakki’s ever known has dumped her, but not usually with such drama or with as drastic consequences as in the rubbish of a construction site.

Something about her brings out the rescuer in lone wolf Mike.

Something about him brings out all Jakki’s protective quirks.

This Can’t Be Love is a Big City, Semi-Sweet Romance.

He’s put the past to the back of his mind. He has the freedom from entanglements he wants. Why does he need this ditzy dame and her troubles in his life?

What chance does love have to bloom and grow between Mike Argent, an itinerant construction worker, and Jakki Hunter, a quirky actress?

I so enjoyed writing this story. As I wrote in my Classic and Cozy blog, “Falling in Love, Time After Time,” earlier this week, I fell in love with Mike Argent. I hope he has the same affect on readers of this book. Other readers may feel the same about Jakki Hunter!

And, by the way, this novel is written entirely from the point of view of the hero, Mike Argent

This Can’t Be Love is now available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook ($2.99) and paperback ($9.95), Kobo and Smashwords as an EPUB digital book ($2.95).

This second book in my “Americans in Love” series, standalone novels about Americans fall in love in some of the most romantic cities in the world. The first novel in this series, Wait a Lonely Lifetime, set in Florence, Italy, appeared in April 2012 (Avalon Books) and was published in Kindle ebook  and paperback  formats by Amazon’s Montlake imprint in October of the same year.

Copies are available to Reviewers from Eres Books at eres (dot) publisher (at) gmail (dot) com.

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