Nurturing Pomegranate

The weed choking my pomegranate is a wild flower, Geranium robertianum, also known as Llys y Llwynog or Dail Robin in Welsh – Foxcourt or Robin’s Leaf in English, and grows throughout northwestern Europe in woodlands. Mine has taken over the ground beneath my apple trees since I’ve banished it from the pomegranate.

Persistant. At some stage, it will blossom and I will be more reluctant to rip at its roots. I am reluctant now: it’s a wild flower in any other habitat. In my potted pomegranate, it’s a weed. Under the apple tree, it’s ground cover – lush, verdant and about to produce dark pink, five petal blossoms and its fruit is a long spike containing one seed.

Fertile. I have discovered Geranium robertianum in the Flowering Jasmine, Gypsophilia, Pyrocanthus, Trailing Carnations, every area in the garden and pots that offers soil, light and rain. Rain is plentiful but the Hebe lurking behind the apple tree and the Iris among the weedy tendrils struggle to get their share.

On the brighter side, with the help of a Welsh summer, my pomegranate has withstood the neglect of summer trips and tight deadlines. It’s amputated stem has produced a new, robust shoot, catching up with the survivor, branching into new territories, absorbing energy and producing red-tipped leaves in every direction. Still fruitless, but showing more promise as each careful snip encourages deeper, thoughtful growth, my pomegranate thrives.

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