Reflected Glory II

A night at the theatre and I’m once again basking in reflected glory: YS is a talented young actor – everyone tells me this. He is. It’s true. He takes his profession seriously and works hard.

Good friend and fellow writer has announced she’s won an important short story contest, to be awarded just two weeks before the anthology in which her first short story is to be published is launched at the Hay Festival.

Several other fellow writers are reflecting their glory in my direction and I am waving my hands in the air for them.

DR’s book launch is six days away. His editor has invited me to bask in his glory – no doubt I will.

I have been basking in my own glory from 21 days. Though it is not the end of the process, there is a continual glow about a request for a partial from an agent or an editor. In the interim, there is some serious hard work being done to polish up my glory so it will shine as bright.

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