Salsa 2nd Edition for Snippet Sunday

SalsaNeweBook200The 2nd edition of Salsa Dancing with Pterodactyls will be released today as a single book with revisions and a new cover. Below is one of my favorite scenes from the book.

Chapter 18

Miguel napped. The music was sensuous and evocative. Emily felt its power to inspire physical response but David was still reluctant to trust himself to follow it. Even making a slow turn was hard work and Emily, accustomed to dancing as she pleased, sensed that, for him, dancing was a prelude, not a pleasure in itself. She yielded to his interpretation of its primary purpose.

All of the pivot windows were open. A breeze that swept down from the cliff top, over the back garden to the river, carrying the early afternoon fog ahead of it, danced between the sheets of plate glass, riffling the edges of his files, flipping open the covers of magazines, turning the pages of Miguel’s storybooks. Though the music still provided ambient sound when they lay on the sofa together, it faded to a murmur as they explored one another.

Emily took deep breaths of the breeze caressing her skin as David opened the buttons of her blouse and slid his hand between her jeans and her bare skin, allowing him unlimited access to her mouth, exploring the unyielding contours of his body with tentative fingers. Gusts of wind rippled along his golden shoulders, lifting his shirt away from his body and gave her an enticing glimpse of the strength he had at his command. …

Salsa Dancing with Pterodactyl will be available as an ebook on the iBookstore, Amazon and other online retailers, as well as a paperback.

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    1. Thank you, Nancy. When Salsa Dancing with Pterodactyls was first released, it was published in two volumes but I wrote it as a single, complete novel. This is what I always intended.

    1. Yes, that is intentional, Karysa. Salsa Dancing with Pterodactyls is a love story about two wounded people who fall in love when no one they know and love wants them to, and many of their enemies do all they can to force them to hate each other. Thank you for asking!