To Self-Publish or Not to…

A short piece from me about a long piece from David Vinjamuri. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, detailed and thoroughly researched, this article, Publishing is Broken, We’re Drowning in Indie Books and That’s a Good Thing goes into depth about the advantages and disadvantages of independent (self-) publishing, gives reasons for its growth and predictions for the future of the industry, six pages of fair assessment.

The ever-increasing numbers of traditionally published authors rallying to the Indie banner is surprising, but it shouldn’t be. For decades, Indie Music and Indie Films have been the avant-garde.

Writers don’t have much excuse for remaining silent – except for fear of being heard.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Leigh. I self-published my last book and read the article to reassure myself that I had done the right thing. (Is there anyone as insecure as a writer?) I believe I did.

  2. I think our insecurity comes from the solitary nature of our work. I think most artists have an underlying fear their work isn’t good enough. What I do not understand is why we willing subject ourselves to the litany of submission and rejection! I believe you did do the right thing, Sandy. Congratulations on making a break out move and believing in your work.