Magnum Opus

At this stage of my career, it may seem odd to consider that my second completed novel, Salsa Dancing with Pterodactyls, is a magnum opus. In terms of breadth, I believe it is. In this book, I have searched my beliefs: spiritual, philosophical, social, professional, personal, sexual, emotional, moral and most important of all, racial.

What I reveal in this book are my truths – molded into a love story set in my hometown, San Francisco – and they make up a philosophy which I am proud to attest. I don’t believe I am a self-righteous moralist or holier than thou. I believe I have worked through those “truths held to be self-evident” and presented them in a context in which they sit easily and can be reflected upon without discomfort.

However, my wireless connection seems to be faulty today and that may prove to be the end of this post. I will now attend to my belief that there is no Easter without Good Friday.

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