Reflected Glory

This works for a lot of us. Your husband has a great career, he needs your support and you are the wife of Famous Guy. In my case, it’s a quadruple-whammy, more than that by now. In fact, the first moment I mentioned that I wanted to be a writer, my mother thrust the books of a famous relative into my hands and dared me to write like HIM.

On the evening of the day that the GH Finalists were announced, I was overwhelmed to see several names I recognized – friends I have made in the PRO loop and through other chapters of the RWA. Hooray for them! My Reflected Glory is intact.

My RG got a further boost when I watched my Youngest Son on stage that night. YS played John Proctor in The Crucible – a magnificent production and he was truly superb. After the performance, I was known as the mother of ‘John Proctor’ and took my RG bows and gave my RG thanks.

DR’s book is in the hands of his editor – on time. I returned to my own glory-seeking activities in time to say that I did work on Salvation, as I should have done earlier in the day. I am going there now to immerse myself in the glory that is 9th Century Wales.

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