Displacement Activity

I am not working on Salvation today. Instead, I have swept the ty pair, cleaned the drain, done the shopping with a comprehensive list from DR who is proofreading his latest book to a deadline – today.

Although Salvation is close to completion, I seem to find displacement activity at random. Today is different, but I had similar difficulties last week. Also different: work commitments, family commitments, special requests. Not so different when you piece it together.

With 3 books finished, a fourth should be straightforward but this one has always caused trouble, perhaps because Salvation was born from Invasion and weaving one from and into the other makes life a bit harder. Like weaving the shopping around and through the people I met this morning at the supermarket.

You may not have this problem where you are, but here in Wales, you can be in the pickle aisle and find yourself in tears with a friend or at the end of the fresh vegetable stall catching up with the woman-friend of a neighbor who remembers when your children were very naughty.

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