‘The Night Before Labor Day’ in Time for Labor Day

NightsBefore#4-300Phew! I made it.

‘Twas the Night Before Labor Day has been released today – the day before Labor Day. This is the fourth story in the Nights Before serial novel.

In this story, Jocelyn Tavers comes to grips with her latest author, Dr. Ezekiel Verge, whose novel, Stress Test, puts her long-held convictions about her long-gone father to another kind of test.

Here is my Sunday Snippet, just in time for the day the ebook is released. Look for all of the stories in this serial novel on the major online booksellers: Barnes & Noble, Kobo, on the iBookstore, Amazon and now, Flipkart (in India) as well as being available at Public Libraries that provide a digital content service.

In the following snippet, Jocelyn and Rod are headed for his property on the Maine Coast:

“Give ‘er some throttle, Jo. Let’s get moving.”

“Some what?”

“That thing on the dash. Pull it out.”

Holding the wheel as if her life was flashing before her eyes, Jocelyn lurched backward when the motor caught and the boat jerked away from the dock.

“Whoa, Finest! Not that far,” he laughed pulling up to a sitting position. “Man overboard won’t get you what you want.”

“And what’s that?” she asked, settling into the power of the boat, head up – bow up – in the ocean, headed she knew not where.

“No worries there, Jo. I’ve been here before.”

“Sure, of course. It’s your place but which way do I head?”

“I’m talking about us. You and me, but this vessel needs to head due south. I’ll tell you when to change headings.”

She had lost him at ‘you and me’ but got the boat following where he was pointing. “What about you and me?” A real Jocelyn question, straight as a bullet. “Where have you been before?”

“Smart girls. Rough guys. Happens all the time. Eventually you’ll get your bearings sorted and you’ll choose a guy like Fieldcott or that other one.”

“Really.” That other one? He couldn’t mean Dr. Verge.

Rod’s hand appeared in her peripheral vision, thumbing to the left. She pushed the wheel to take the boat southeast and a few hundred yards ahead a lighthouse – not your usual lighthouse – painted a bright turquoise with fuchsia window trim and front door, beckoned at the top of a low cliff.

“Who did your color scheme?”

“Pretty, ain’t she?”

“Mediterranean. Provence.”

“Ayuh,” Rod agreed, looking straight at her. “Like that.”

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